Kids Program

Camp Ocean is a year-round, fleet wide program that provides daily fun-filled and age-appropriate activities for children between the ages of 2 and 11 years old. In addition, there is supervised "free play" and evening babysitting service (for a nominal fee). Scheduled activities are planned for the following age groups: Penguins (2 - 5 years old), Stingrays (6 - 8 years old) and Sharks (9 - 11 years old).

Carnival also offers programs for teens between the ages of 12 and 17. Circle "C" is for the 12-14 age group and features games, parties and other supervised activities. Club O2, for the 15-17 age group, provides teens with amazing games, music, dance, movies and sports.

Here is more information and a sampling of activities offered for each age group:

Penguins (ages 2 - 5) 
From finger painting to cartoon time, arts and crafts to puppet shows, toddlers ages 2-5 are sure to have a blast. And, Carnival provides babysitting services in the evenings (for a nominal fee), so Mom and Dad can get in some "quiet time," too.

Children also get their very own menus, featuring all their favorite foods. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, macaroni & cheese and spaghetti & meatballs are all available on a Carnival cruise, so even pint-size guests can feel pampered on their "Fun Ship" family vacation.

Carnival provides stroller rentals fleet-wide, for a nominal fee.

Activities for toddlers may include:

  • Ocean themed arts and crafts and games
  • Penguin Palooza: penguin costume making, parade and sing-a-long songs
  • Sea Creature Aerobics
  • Paper Bag Whale creation
  • Ocean songs sing-a-long
  • Ocean Bingo
  • Musical Icebergs
  • Sing-a-longs: music and movement activities
  • Play-Doh sculpture time
  • Picture bingo: bingo for prizes/candy
  • Story time: A-B-Seas reading and story time
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Face painting during themed activities
  • PS4's
  • T-shirt decorating
  • Kids dance parties
  • Indoor ball games, parachute games and kids Aerobics
  • Owl Jams party featuring music, dancing, games and snacks
  • Build a Bear at Sea (fees apply)
  • Movie nights
Note: Toddlers do not have to be potty-trained in order to be a part of Camp Ocean; parents simply need to provide the youth staff with diapers and toiletries for their child.

Stingrays (ages 6 - 8)
Junior cruisers ages 6 through 8 will enjoy Spin Art, Dodgeball, Candy Art and more, and have the opportunity to participate in fun events and make new friends from all over the world. And parents can take advantage of evening babysitting services (for a nominal fee), because Carnival understands that Mom and Dad need some time alone to enjoy the adult entertainment on board.

Children get their very own menus, featuring all their favorite foods. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, macaroni & cheese and spaghetti & meatballs are all available on a Carnival cruise, so even pint-size guests can feel pampered on their "Fun Ship" family vacation. Camp Ocean provides "Children's Only" dinner most nights. These dinners take place in the Lido Restaurant. On Port Days, Carnival will provide lunch for children whose parents are ashore.

Plus, to make it even easier for parents to enjoy their vacation, Carnival has implemented fleet wide stroller and Game Boy rentals for a nominal fee. That's one less thing to remember to pack!

Activities for juniors may include:

  • Video Gaming
  • Spin Art
  • Design your own aquarium
  • Fish, Fish Shark Catch
  • Pirate Game Night: Cannonball Blast, Treasure Toss, Walk the Plank and Swab the Decks
  • Seashell arts and crafts
  • Ocean Artifacts Memory Game
  • Face painting during themed activities
  • Ball games, mini Olympics, water balloon games and more
  • Rockets, Stars and Planets and Knight's Night
  • Music Time: Rock Star Night, Music Extravaganza
  • Bingo for prizes
  • Superheroes
  • Build a Bear at Sea (fees apply)
  • ‘Fun Til’ One’ party, featuring team challenges, hide and seek, dance off and more.
  • T-shirt decorating
Sharks (ages 9 - 11)
From dodgeball and pool parties to video games and scavenger hunts, young cruisers ages 9 through 11 will have the opportunity to participate in fun events and make new friends from all over the world.

Activities for intermediates may include:

  • Video Gaming
  • Music Jeopardy, Name that Song and Sound it Out
  • Design your own cruise ship
  • Shark Art
  • Giant Ocean Wall Mural
  • Inner tube relays
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Ocean Origami
  • Bingo for prizes
  • Dance parties
  • Pirates, Stars and Planets
  • T-shirt decorating
  • Basketball, volleyball and many other outdoor games
  • Spin Art and Sandy Art
  • Fun @ Sea (10:00pm-1:00am; fees apply): this activity may include pizza pig-out, midnight sports, dance off and more
Circle "C" (ages 12-14)
Circle "C" is the ultimate Teen Program for kids ages 12 to 14 years old. Cool activities, awesome facilities and lots of rad new friends to add to their e-mail lists. Now young teens have a place of their own to connect with friends or simply chill. Circle "C" is the place to be for parties, games and other supervised activities created just for them (think dance parties, movies and more).

Teens must be registered with Circle "C" in order to participate in the activities, but it's up to them how many -- or few -- they choose to attend. Teens can come and go as they want, with activities running until the early morning hours. For teens that love to dance, Carnival has great news. Every night aboard a Carnival cruise 12- to 14- year-old guests will have the opportunity to "mix and mingle" at the shipboard dance club to the latest hits. Some ships feature a Circle "C" Lounge, where movies, music videos, a touch-screen jukebox and gaming pods are available.

Activities for Circle "C" may include:

  • Video gaming consoles
  • Dance parties
  • Late night teen hang out time 
  • Late night movies
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Karaoke
  • Sporting Activities - Including games like Dodge Ball, Basketball and Mini Golf
  • Music Activities - Including games and activities like music trivia
  • Arts and Crafts - Including activities like origami and bead making
  • T-Shirt designing
  • Carnival Twister Waterslide races
Club O2 (ages 15-17)
From the moment they step onboard, Club O2 teens are part of a cruise experience unlike anything else. Every activity and event -- like basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, pool parties and high-energy dance parties -- has been specially created with 15-17 year-olds in mind.

Club O2 daytime activities are designed to be a little more relaxed. Teens can hang out with their friends while watching a movie, listening to the latest music, playing video games or joining karaoke jam sessions. Carnival has even set up teen-only shore excursions so young adults can enjoy the sites and sounds of beautiful ports with their peers.

Many Carnival ships feature a dedicated lounge designed just for the Club O2 program. These hot spots feature comfy seating, video monitors, a state-of-the-art dance floor and an area to enjoy non-alcoholic specialty drinks.

Club O2 Directors are hired and trained to spark the interest of the teens and get them involved. Each director brings their own unique style to Club O2. Their motivation and dedication to the program ensures every teen's cruise experience is unlike any they have ever had before. They are hosts, entertainers and often DJ's for the teens.

Activities for Club O2 may include:

  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Music Hangs
  • Theme parties
  • Lido Deck Activities
  • Reality Games Shows
  • Trivia and scavenger hunts
  • Pool Parties
Guests under 18 will only be allowed in the onboard disco until 10:00 pm. The Camp Ocean staff will coordinate late night activities for guests 17-years-old and younger. Activities may include a late night movie, Karaoke, "Swim Under the Stars", etc. Program activities and age groups are subject to change.

Carnival would like to note that Camp Ocean is not a "daycare". The program is designed so that families are able to enjoy quality family time together, and yet also have the choice of being with peers of their own age, whenever desired.


Hours for children ages 2 to 5 are as follows:
  • Sea Days: Scheduled activities run from 10:00am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-5:00pm and 7:00pm-10:00pm. This service is complimentary.
  • Port Days: Supervised free play begins from port arrival until approximately 2:00pm; scheduled activities resume at 2:00pm until 10:00pm. This service is complimentary.
  • Each evening (10:00pm-1:00am) in the camp facility, we offer babysitting with a ‘slumber party’ type atmosphere, including movie time, toys, video games and room service snacks.
Hours for children ages 6 to 14 are as follows:
  • Sea Days: Scheduled activities run from 10:00am-1:00pm; 2:00pm-5:00pm; 7:00pm-10:00pm. Programming is complimentary until 10:00pm.
  • Port Days: We offer programming during our stay in port so parents are able to sightsee while kids are having fun in Camp. Programming is complimentary until 10:00pm.
  • Evenings: Night Owls and Late Night Parties - for details and fees, see Night Owls (babysitting). From 10:00pm-1:00am each evening in the camp facility, a ‘slumber party’ type atmosphere, including movie time, toys and room service snacks.
Hours for children ages 15 to 17 are as follows:
  • Sea Days: Noon to 6pm; 8:30pm to 12:30am.
  • Port Days: 3pm to 6pm; 8:30pm to 12:30am.

Camp Ocean Counselors
Carnival knows that every parent wants the best for their children. That's why they've hired only the best youth counselors to run their Camp Ocean program. Every Camp Ocean counselor is either college-educated in a related field, or has professional childcare experience, or both. Carnival also performs a thorough background check on each and every one of their youth counselors. And every one of the youth staff is fully trained in CPR and basic first aid. Camp Ocean counselors are qualified and dedicated to making sure your children are safe, happy and having the time of their lives.

For your convenience, Camp Ocean offers babysitting services for children ages 6 months - 11 years each evening from 10pm-3am, allowing parents time to enjoy a fun-filled nightlife without having to worry about their little ones.

All babysitting services are offered within Camp Oceanin the form of a "slumber party", where kids can enjoy watching movies and cartoons. Pillows and blankets will be provided and for the younger children cribs are also available. In order to take advantage of this great service, parents should sign up in advance with Camp Ocean. The cost for this service is just $6.75 per hour plus a 18% gratuity, per child. Payment must be made with your Sail & Sign card and is due upon pick up. Carnival Cruise Lines does not offer any in-cabin babysitting services.

For children in the 9-11 year old age group Carnival offers an intermediate After Hours program running from 10pm-12am each night which would also be charged at the regular babysitting fee. During this time Carnival will have a variety of activities available including the latest game consoles, board games, Karaoke, games, theme nights, and Gameboys. After 12am the 9-11 year olds will join the regular slumber party to watch movies, this will run until 3am. The 9-11 year olds must be signed up in advance for this activity and during this time the 9-11's will not be permitted to sign themselves out, parents must return to pick up their children.

Parents with children in diapers will be asked to provide a supply of diapers and wipes and the Youth Staff will be happy to change your children during their stay. If your children have a pacifier or any other item that will ensure their comfort during this time, bring this along.

Children under the age of 2 will also be offered babysitting services on Sea Days in the form of a Family Play Time. During this time parents are welcome to stay with their children to play free of charge or if you choose you can leave your kids under 2 with Camp Ocean for the regular babysitting fee. Carnival also offers Port Day Babysitting for your under 2 year old. The early morning port service will begin 15 minutes before the ship's arrival in port until 12pm and for late ports this will be offered during 'free play' times (see your Youth Staff when you arrive on the ship for details).

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