Kids Program

Carnival's Youth Programs are year-round, fleet wide programs that provide daily fun filled and age appropriate activities for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 months to 17 years.
Camp Ocean welcomes youngsters in with light blue and white underwater colored spaces and friendly, experienced staff, each with education or childcare experience.  Four age-related categories each have their own identity: 6 month – 2 year olds will be dubbed Turtles, children ages 2-5 will be Penguins, with those ages 6-8 called Sting Rays while 9-11 year olds will be Sharks.
Carnival also offers programs for teens between the ages of 12 and 17. Circle "C" is for the 12-14 age group and features games, parties and other supervised activities. Club O2, for the 15-17 age group, provides teens with amazing games, music, dance, movies and sports.
Here is more information and a sampling of activities offered for each age group:
Turtles (Infants under 2)
Carnival knows that even the smallest campers want to have fun! Camp Ocean offers special play times for tiny tots, under 2 years of age, to enjoy. If your child is turning 2 years old during your cruise they are welcome to join Carnival’s Penguin group, ages 2 to 5. 
Activities for Infants may include:

  • Turtle Playdates
  • Turtle Band
  • Baby Turtle Trek
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Dancing
  • Educational Games
  • Storytime featuring Dr. Seuss favorites
  • Sensory Activities
  • Zumbini

Penguins (ages 2-5)
Penguins, will go on all sorts of adventures as they explore daily fun activities such as arts and crafts, singing, dancing, and more!
Activities for toddlers may include:

  • Active (Fun with Balloons, Parachute Fun, Ball Games)
  • Arts & Crafts (DIY Creations, Handprint Crafts, Messy Mania, Play Dough)
  • Books, Toys, Board Games
  • Games (Bingo, Let’s Make Music, Group Games)
  • Kid’s Choice
  • Movies
  • Science & Discovery (DYI Projects)
  • Themed activities/Face painting (Dinosaur Stomp, Monster Mania, Penguin Palooza, Royal Gala)
  • Video Gaming

Stingrays (ages 6-8)
There’s something for everyone in Carnival’s Stingrays group, ages 6 to 8, from movie watching, science experiments to video games, these campers are sure to have a blast!
Activities for juniors may include:

  • Active (Gaga Ball, Ball Games, Dance Class)
  • Arts & Crafts (DIY Creations, Painting, Jewelry Making, Spin Art)
  • Books, Toys and Board Games
  • Games (Bingo, Carnival Challenge, Speed Stacking Challenge, Trivia)
  • Kid’s Choice
  • Movies
  • Science & Discovery (Volcano Making – Building, Painting & Exploding, Penny Boats, Goop)
  • Themed Activities/Face Painting (Explore Outer Space, Island Time, Kid Challenge, Pirates Adventures)
  • Video Games

Sharks (ages 9-11)
Carnival’s Sharks group, ages 9 to 11, is built on fun and age-related exciting activities such as dancing, sport games, scavenger hunts and more! Kids can connect with new friends and try out all the activities that Camp Ocean has to offer.
Activities for intermediates may include:

  • Active (Bean Bag Toss, Gaga Ball, Ball Games, Dance Class)
  • Arts & Crafts (DIY Creations, Paper & Glue, Painting, Ship Drawing)
  • Books, Toys and Board Games
  • Games (Card Games, Human Hungry Hungry Hippos, Giant Games, Scavenger Hunts)
  • Kid’s Choice
  • Movies
  • Science & Discovery (Goop, Penny Boats)
  • Themed Activities/Face Painting (Brain Busters, Mad Scientist, Sports Mania, Superheroes on Deck)
  • Video Gaming

Circle “C” (ages 12-14)
The best place to be for Teens, ages 12 to 14. Meet new friends, play sports, play video games, watch movies and more! You can also enjoy the exclusive Circle “C” lounge where you can Cruise, Chill and Connect. Each ship has a designated Circle “C” Leader who is responsible for overseeing the program and lounge.
Activities for Circle “C” may include:

  • Active (Bean Bag Toss, Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Manhunt)
  • Arts & Crafts (DIY Creations, Messy Mania, Jewelry Making)
  • Books and Board Games
  • Games (Card Games, You vs Staff, Carnival Challenge, Digital Scavenger Hunt)
  • U Choose
  • Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Themed Activities/Face Painting (Superheroes, Pirate Party)
  • Video Gaming

Club O2 (ages 15-17)
Hang out at Club O2, the best spot for Teens Ages 15 to 17 where it’s all about what YOU want to do.  You can watch movies, listen to music, dance, jam out at karaoke, and maybe even attend Carnival’s version of prom! Each ship has a designated Club O2 Leader who is responsible for overseeing the program and lounge.
Activities for Club O2 may include:

  • Active (Basketball, Capture The Flag, Dodgeball, Manhunt)
  • Arts & Crafts (DIY Creations, Messy Mania, Jewelry Making)
  • Books and Board Games
  • Games (Card Games, Human Hungry Hungry Hippo, Lyric Bee, Digital Scavenger Hunt)
  • U Choose
  • Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Themed Activities/Face Painting (Zombie Apocalypse, King & Queen Formal, Neon Jungle, Teen Olympics)
  • Video Gaming

Hours for infants under 2 are as follows:

  • There are limited times throughout the cruise for ‘Under 2' time. During these times, parents/guardians have the option of leaving their child in the care of the Youth Staff (fees apply: $7.50 per hour plus an 18% service charge, per child) – or – they can stay and use the camp facility at no charge. This time is designated for the use of 'Under 2’s' and parents/guardians only. Check on board for specific times offered. Hours may vary due to cruise itineraries.

Hours for children ages 2 to 11 are as follows:

  • Sea Days: Scheduled activities run from 10:00am-5:00pm and 7:00pm-10:00pm, followed by Night Owls
  • Port Days: Supervised free play begins from port arrival until approximately 12:00pm; at 12:00pm Kids’ Only Lunch is offered. Scheduled activities resume at 1:00pm until 10:00pm, followed by Night Owls. There may be family programming offered in between 4:00pm-6:00pm.
  • Night Owl is offered each evening from 10:00pm-1:00am in Camp Ocean for a fee. Activities include movies, games, toys and snacks.

Hours for children ages 12 to 17 are as follows:

  • Sea Days: Scheduled activities run from 12:00pm-5:00pm and 8:30pm-1:00am
  • Port Days: Scheduled activities run from 4:00pm-6:00pm and 8:30pm-1:00am

Youth Staff
All Youth Staff is either college educated in education, child psychology or youth recreation - OR - has extensive professional experience with children, such as teaching, coaching or daycare. The Youth Staff are international and all are certified in CPR and are able to provide basic first aid. Additionally, should there be a medical emergency, all Youth Staff are instructed to contact the parent/guardian immediately as well as the shipboard Medical Center.
Night Owls
For your convenience, Camp Ocean offers babysitting services for children ages 6 months - 11 years each evening from 10pm-1am, allowing parents time to enjoy a fun-filled nightlife without having to worry about their little ones.
Night Owls take place within Camp Ocean in the form of a "slumber party", where kids can enjoy movie time, video games, snacks and more. Pillows and blankets will be provided and for the younger children cribs are also available. In order to take advantage of this great service, parents should sign up in advance with Camp Ocean. The cost for this service is just $7.50 per hour plus a 18% gratuity, per child. Payment must be made with your Sail & Sign card and is due upon pick up. Carnival Cruise Lines does not offer any in-cabin babysitting services.
In addition to the Night Owls program, Carnival offers Owl Jam Parties which provide fun and memories on select evenings from 10pm-1am. The cost for this is service is $17 per party, per child plus a 18% gratuity. Parties are offered either for ages 2-11 or ages 6-11 and may vary based on itinerary.
Themed Owl Jams Parties may include:

  • Caribbean Party: Celebrating the island life with beach balls, Hawaiian shirts, limbo, Flower leis and more!
  • Pajama Jam: Dancing around and having fun in your PJ’s, staying up past your bedtime and partying with new friends? Talk about and awesome pajama party!
  • Party Animals: Did someone say party? Party hats, face painting, fun games and more are all in store in the best kids’ party on the high seas!
  • Rock N Glow Party: Rock out with Carnival in a totally awesome ‘80s-themed party! Bright colors, great music and awesome glow sticks await!

Children under the age of 2 are also welcome to join Night Owls during specific times. Hours may vary due to cruise itineraries.
Parents with children in diapers will be asked to provide a supply of diapers and wipes and the Youth Staff will be happy to change your children during their stay. If your children have a pacifier or any other item that will ensure their comfort during this time, bring this along.

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